Nutrition Hackathon #1

Edeka Food Tech Campus | Berlin

03. July 2019 18:00 Hr to 05. July 2019 18:00 Hr

Edeka Food Tech Campus | Birkenstraße 22 | 10559 Berlin

Dr. Detmar Leitow

Cluster Manager

T +49 331 730 61-227

The Nutrition Hackathon is a place where we bring together people from different backgrounds to come up with ideas or deal with challenges the industry is facing.

During the Hackathon, you will team up with other participants to come up with an innovative solution in the field of personalised nutrition. In Only 48 hours, you will create a first prototype and receive validated feedback from a high-level cast of mentors and industry representatives.

Ready to shape the future of personalised nutrition?

We are looking for food and nutrition experts (students or industry representatives), developers, business gurus and all-round nutrition enthusiasts to join us for 48 hours filled with problem solving and business creation that will contribute to shaping tomorrow’s world of nutrition.

Why you should participate

  • Become part of a community of inspiring people in nutrition
  • Learn about leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Work on innovative solutions related to nutrition
  • Develop minimum viable products (MVP) in small groups
  • Connect to industry representatives and learn from others

Further information

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