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Cooperation Forum

You can find a selection of cooperation offers and requests here.

Edeka Food Tech Campus in Berlin 

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At the Food Tech Campus, start-ups play the leading role. Start-ups from the fields “Food” and “Food Tech” are welcome to make themselves at home. There is plenty of room for an exchange with and for mutual learning from other start-ups and experts of the Food Academy, and thereby for shaping the future of the food retail trade.


Cooperation offer

The Leibniz Institute of Vegetable and Ornamental Crops is looking for practice partners for the project Proteins4Future, which is being supported by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research. The target group consists of businesses that process proteins from domestically cultivated leguminous crops, be it in the area of food production, feed production, the non-food sector or in residue utilization.

Demand Regio - Energy Consumption

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For its project “Demand Regio” the Technical University of Berlin is looking for businesses from various economic sectors that would like to have their energy consumption analysed. The goal of the project is to develop models that could help depict and predict the regional distribution of the energy demand in Germany over time.

Innovative projects of the closed-loop economy Cooperation offers

Cooperation offer

The EU has published 13 promising projects on the collaboration platform; these still require partners for the implementation of their visionary ideas. Exciting short films represent an impressive way of presenting the projects that are supposed to help minimize, recycle or re-use waste.

Monitoring deep-freeze chains

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The Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research (IAP) is looking for a company for the further development of technologies aimed at monitoring deep-freeze chains.

Frankenförder Forschungsgesellschaft

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The network “Omega-3 – For a Healthy Life” wants to make optimal use of the potential of omega-3 fatty acids by improving their extraction from animal and plant sources. Additional companies from the food industry are now needed for the next phase of product and process development. Contact person: Martina Kühnel | kuehnel@frankenfoerder-fg.de

D-smartRegion: looking for innovative digital projects!

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The new research project “Digital-smartRegion” of the University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg (THB) supports, implements and evaluates digitisation undertakings from various sectors. To this end, it makes use of innovative methods, for example, from the field of “Design Thinking”. Register your project now!

Marketing project “Case Studies”

Cooperation offer

The University of Potsdam is looking for practice partners which would be willing to present a problem from the area of marketing to students of the winter semester 2018/2019; the students would subsequently work on it.

Mit Hilfe von Ultraschall Schaumentstehung bekämpfen

Projektpartner gesucht!

Ziel des multidisziplinär angelegten Forschungsclusters ist es, physikalisch basierte Maßnahmen zu erarbeiten, die zur Prävention, Inhibierung und Zerstörung von Schäumen eingesetzt werden können. Für das Projekt werden noch Praxispartner gesucht. 

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