Cluster Food Industry

Unique products are being produced in Brandenburg; their fame and popularity go far beyond the state’s borders, among them are: “Spreewälder Gurken” (Spreewald gherkins), Eberswalder Würstchen (Eberswalder sausages), “Beelitzer Spargel” (Beelitz asparagus), “Werderaner Ketchup” (Werder ketchup), “Prignitzer Cornflakes” (Prignitz cornflakes) as well as fruits and vegetables from Werder. All of them are the region’s culinary ambassadors that can be found all around the world. In order to enhance their success even further in the face of the growing global competition, the Cluster management Food Industry works closely together with companies, higher education institutions, research facilities and associations. The Cluster management Food Industry sees itself simultaneously as a catalyst, initiator and moderator. It is of the utmost importance to foster cooperation among all cluster participants and to make this cooperation sustainable.